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Advertising with Contra Costa Super Moms is easy and we are excited to work with local businesses. We are a small business and would love to help build our community together as a team!

There are several options for advertising. Some sponsorships are free while others are fee based. The fee based Ads go towards the operation and maintenance of this website, which is an incredible resource for Bay Area families.

We like to give back to our community when possible and hope that you will do the same and consider advertising with us! It takes a village to raise children and it also takes a village to build businesses together!

Sponsor a page
Social media advertising
Newsletter sponsor
Featured event on calendar
Display Ads
Ad size examples
Free Options

What we list for FREE

Contra Costa Super Moms is happy to list any child, family or mama friendly information. This is a free service. Just send an email with your information. Easy and simple. Sorry, no images or graphics for free listings. See an example here, and another example.

Website Content:
Classes, preschools, daycares, camps, sports, events, pediatric dentists and more can be listed on the website as a free service. We will include a link back to your landing page and contact information when applicable. See preschool examples here.

For events, click on the link “Add Your Own Event” to add your event to the calendar.

Resources, classes, activities, recreation & more:
For any information other than an actual event, click on the link “Make a Suggestion” and tell us more about your class, program or resource that you have for families, moms or kids!

Tag us:
Tag @contracostasupermoms on Instagram or Facebook, we will add the post that you tag us with to our story! We will share any family, kid or mama friendly posts!

Sponsor a Giveaway:
Collaborate and team up with us to offer tickets, products, classes and more. Giveaways are posted through Instagram and/or Facebook. Email us or message us on social media to start your giveaway!

Paid Opportunities and Collaborations

Page Sponsor
Sponsor any page (ex. featured camp, preschool, children’s dentist, etc.) Ad placement will be at the top of the page that you choose. Ad size options: Leaderboard (banner ad), Large Rectangle or up to 400 x 400. Only one feature ad, per page, per month. Your sponsorship will run for 30 days.
$75 per month

Instagram Super Post &
Facebook Super Shout Out
One-time post on @ContraCostaSuperMoms. Includes: A photo or image, @mention link back to your Instagram page (IG), a link back to your landing page (FB), description about your post, including up to 25 hashtags. Social media posts remain in our timeline for longer visibility.
$20 Instagram or Facebook, both $25

E-Newsletter Sponsor 
One-time Ad insertion sent out to Contra Costa Super Moms members through the newsletter. Includes: A photo or image, description about your Ad, a link back to your landing page.
$25 per insertion

Featured event on Event Calendar
Make your event or activity stand out on the event calendar!

As users scroll though the summary of events following the main calendar, your event will pop out and catch all eyes. Additionally, in the Complete Events Calendar view, your event and graphic will stand out over the basic listings.

Your feature event will stay on the calendar from the time it is posted, until the date of your event. For events with multiple dates, the feature will be present for all dates listed in your series.

Pricing is based on event series length
$25 & up 

Display Ads

**SUPER BUNDLE BONUS: All display ads also include: one Facebook Super Shout Out, one Instagram Super Post and an article posted to the blog!**

The advantage of a paid display ad is better visibility and includes a link back to your landing page.

Ad placement rotates and included on all pages at Contra Costa Super Moms. Display ads show up on the right side of the page (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile).

As a courtesy, your ad will also be posted to the our sponsors page. See ad size examples here.

Large Square 300 x 300
Large Rectangle 300 x 250
1 month $75
3 months $175
6 months $300
1 year $550

Small Rectangle 300 x 100
Short Skyscraper 160 x 300
1 month $60
3 months $130
6 months $210
1 year $370

Tall Skyscraper 160 x 600
1 month $90
3 months $220
6 months $390
1 year $730 

Leaderboard (banner) 728 x 90
1 month $90
3 months $220
6 months $390
1 year $730


Large Square EXAMPLE


Large Rectangle EXAMPLE


Small rectangle EXAMPLE


Short Skyscraper EXAMPLE


Tall Skyscraper EXAMPLE


Leaderboard EXAMPLE
(spans across webpage. On a mobile device, turn to landscape view)





All photos, images and/or descriptions must be provided to Contra Costa Super Moms. We reserve the right to correct spelling and grammar.