Seven Reasons to Participate in a Dance Camp, Ages 2-7

Have you ever thought about enrolling your child in a dance camp? Here is why you should consider it and good reasons to try out the ECPAC or any dance class or camp near you!

Presented by the East County Performing Arts Center in Brentwood:


7 reasons to participate in a dance camp for ages 2 to 7

#1 Pretend Play
Dance camps are fully imagination. Each camp delights with a magical adventure into our camp theme. We’ve gone on a bear hunt, balanced crowns aka bean bags on our heads as we walked the balance beam in preparation for our princess training in Princess Academy. We’ve be-bopped and hip hopped along with Poppy in our Rock n’ Trolls camp. Imaginations will soar developing many essential developmental skills such as language, thinking skills and social skills to name a few.

#2 Builds Confidence 
There’s nothing like that feeling for the first time that your child gets to do something all their own. The confidence they express when mom or dad drops them off for their class all by themselves immediately excels them to big kid status. The excitement that they’ll experience in attending a dance camp builds confidence that they are capable of being independent doing something all their own. As they accomplish dance and tumble skills their confidence continues to grow. Our teachers encourage and motivate each child making them feel successful and ready to learn.

#3 Make Friends 
Social skills is an important part of child development and making friends is no exception. Friendships contribute significantly to the development of socials skills like learning to share, taking turns and listening. At dance camps your child will be introduced to many new faces giving them the opportunity to make new friends each time and continue to develop their social skills.

#4 Express Creativity
Children will explore their creativity through art. Not only will children express their creativity through imaginary play, they’ll also make a craft to our camp theme. We’ve decorated princess crowns, made magical wands, hid our superhero identity with our superhero masks. Whatever the theme, we have a fun art project to complete!

#5 Explore Movement 
Our dance camps consist of dance and tumbling. Each camp is different and focuses on ballet, jazz or hip hop. Your child will be introduced to the style of dance the camp theme is focused around. Our tumbling portion of the camp will consist of learning various skill sets and end with an obstacle course designed around our camp theme.

#6 Try Something New
Not sure if your child is ready for dance or if they will even like it? Camps are an exciting way to try. With each camp providing different themes and movement styles, your child will get to explore ballet, jazz, hip hop and tumbling. It’ll give them a sneak peek to what that class is all about. What if your child already loves dance? Then this is a great supplement to their already weekly classes and an opportunity for them to experience even more.

#7 Have Fun!
Most importantly have fun! Dance camps are full of excitement. We’ll pretend to be airplanes, a princess and superheros in training, dance, laugh and tumble while chasing bubbles. With different monthly themes, no camp is ever the same creating new experiences each time.

Article written by Kristi Ortiz, East County Performing Arts Center