Self Care to Mix it up

Sometimes you just need to mix it up and change your routine. Not a runner? Try a quick run. Maybe not a marathon, and not a whole mile either. Possibly a quick jog mixed in a walk and you might find a new hobby! I personally love mixing it up to unplug from technology. Technology is part of our life every single day. When I unplug from life on the go, I find new things to embrace! Enjoy these self care tips and remember to always take some time to yourself everyday, whether it is all day, a few hours, or a quick “time out for mom”.

DIY Project
We all have a list of things that we would like to do, somehow, someday. When we have the time. Today, clear the weight of thinking about a project, and actually do it! You will be amazed how good it will feel to have a project done, admire your hard work, and cross something off of your DIY list!

Unplug from Technology
Phones, devices, TV…they are part of our daily lives and routines now. But, they can also become overwhelming and distract us from “life”. Try turning technology off for a day. If you can’t completely turn off, try it for a few hours. I guarantee that you will find the way away from the screen refreshing! 

Make a Salad
Salads have so many possibilities! Green salad, vegetable salad, fruit salad. Toppings can include chicken or beef for protein, cheese, nuts, herbs, peppers, beans. The possibilities are endless! Add coconut to fruit salad or cheese to a green salad. Perk up a green salad with basil, cilantro or jalapenos. Turn any salad into a theme. Taco salad. Black and blue salad (beef and blue cheese). Summer salad. Winter squash salad. I personally love the question, “What one food would you choose to eat for the rest of your life, if you could only choose one food”? My answer is SALAD because they are so versatile!

Go for a Run
Nothing like a run to boost your mood and make you feel great! I am by no means a runner, but every once in awhile while on a walk, I try to run a bit. Usually I am just so happy to run from point “A’ to point “B”! Any distance, whatever your goal is, is a great start!

Plain and simple. Dance. Dance with your kids. Dance with a friend on zoom. Turn on any kind of music and dance. Dancing makes the heart feel good, free the mind and energizes the soul.