Self Care That Will Make You Smile

Self care can be done anytime, anyplace. You may be spending more time at home right now, and what better way to take a little extra time for yourself! Sometimes the simplest things can make a big difference.

Give yourself a pedicure

What you will need: warm water, a bucket, foot file or something to scrub your feet, nail clippers, cuticle trimmers, oil or lotion and nail polish.

Take an extra long shower

Spend a few extra minutes relaxing, stretching, taking “me” time before a busy day. You don’t need to run water the extra time. You can stretch without the water running and turn it back on to complete the shower. 

Practice good posture

Most of us need to do this more often! While in a chair or possibly when watching a TV show, pay attention to your posture and straighten it up. Also, practice good posture in the car or while working. Chances are you can improve your posture even when you think you have been paying attention. 

Eat dessert

Oh yes, yes please! Indulge. Not every day, but every once in a while including today!


Smiling is contagious. Smile at someone and I bet they smile right back at you! Try smiling more today at home, while playing with your kids, when you have a happy thought or when sipping coffee or tea.