Self Care for the Explorer

I love to explore and be in nature. A hike, the ocean, a scenic drive. Becoming an explorer helps ground me and are also refreshing at the same time. Nothing beats crisp morning air, the fresh smells of the outdoors or the sun kissing your face.

Self Care needs to be adventurous to change it up now and then. If you pick the same self  care, over time it will get dull and boring, just like anything else repeated. Try exploring a little bit and I promise that you won’t regret it!

Schedule a spa day with friends (Covid style)

Try a zoom spa day. Everyone can set up mani and pedi stations at home while on zoom. Do facial masks together with mimosas. Try a spa zoom date with friends during nap time or after bedtime. What a fun memory too!

Take the scenic way home

Try a different route. Maybe a longer one, but a prettier and more scenic one. Or, pack the family in the car for a drive along the coast. 

Order take-out delivery

Treat yourself! Bonus, have your food delivered!

Explore nature

Nature is all around us. Listen to the noises outside, go camping, take a hike, go to the beach or explore watching a nature program. 


Coloring is so fun! So good for the mind too! Let your creative side flow and give your brain a break with a coloring book. Don’t have an adult coloring book (the kids books are too easy!!)? Try downloading “coloring pages” off google or through an internet search.