Mount Wanda Hike

Located across Highway 4 from the John Muir House and on Alhambra Avenue, this loop hike is a fun 2.4 miles. There are some limited views of Alhambra Valley and the Carquinez Straight. Although this hike is a bit of a challenge with the climb, older children can master the adventure. Younger children can enjoy the hike in a carrier. Off road strollers are not recommended as there are some stairs and narrow trails. There is a lot of shade that he will walk in and out of to help with the warm sun. Bring along a snack or a light picnic lunch, there are a few picnic benches to rest along the way. 

Suggested ages: 8 & up. For kids under 8, plan to stop and rest requently or to take it slow.  

Cool historical fact: John Muir and his children used to hike in the hills of Martinez near their home. Mount Wanda was named after one of John’s daughters, Wanda!

More information can be found here Mount Wanda – Martinez