Morningsun Herb Farm, Vacaville

One of our go-to nurseries for plants, gardens, wagons, tricycles, farm animals and fresh air! We love spending time at Morningsun Herb Farm with the kids and they love it there too! Here is why:

Fresh air and beautiful gardens. When you arrive, you will immediately notice the flowers blooming attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.

There are wagons to pull and load up with plants. Kids can ride in the wagons too!

They have tricycles for toddlers and up. So fun!

Kids can feed the animals! There are donkeys, a goat and chickens. Please do not feed animals with your food. Look for a large bag, usually carrots next to the corals. 

You might see a tractor at work in the orchard!

Checkout the little garden areas and fountains. They are creative and inspirational.

The owner and staff are very knowledgeable about plants and varieties. They can guide you on kid safe plants and fun ideas for a children’s garden.

Discover new plant varieties and some favorites too.

Support a family owned and local business

Worth the trip, and your kids with thank you too!

Farm Tips:
Be sure to check out the entire farm. When you enter, to the left are several plants and some are divided by plant type (herbs, veggies, salvias) in hoop houses. In the center is the retail and check out. To the right, more hoop houses full of plants and succulents. Also to the right are where the animals are!

Fun Facts:
Morningsun Herb Farm hosts many classes, tomato day and they have recipes listed on their website! Watch their calendar or follow them on social media.