Holiday Tree for a Child’s Room

Here is a cute Holiday idea for kids!

Ever since I dreamed of having children, I’ve always wanted to do this! This year, I made the magic come true!

To make things easier, I chose a pre-lit tree 🙌🏼

🎄 Get a small artificial tree

🎄 Put in child’s room

🎄 Hang child’s ornaments on the tree

🎄 After Christmas, put all of the ornaments into a box with child’s name so they are ready to unpack for next year and put back on their own personal Christmas tree!

🎄 Repeat each year and watch the ornament collection grow!

🎄 Kids receive ornaments as presents and they also get milestone ornaments too (first Christmas, school pics, ornaments that they make)… Often getting mixed in with the family stash. Which is ok, but I originally got this idea from a mom of five and she was trying to create a special keepsake for when her children left her home. Mom wanted to keep track of which ornaments belong to each child and found a creative way to keep them separate.

🎄This is a special way to keep a keepsake for when they eventually leave your home as an adult. It will also start a new tradition and make it fun for all!

🎄Plus, what child would not want to have a Christmas tree with lights in their room??!!

🎄We have two children, so I purchased each tree for $20 at Michael’s and had them shipped directly to us.

🎄You could do a real tree, maybe for an older child or a teenager, but the fire danger and possible water spillage was the reason I went with artificial.

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