Holiday Cardholder Idea

Do you have a tradition to display your holiday cards? I love to put Christmas cards received by others out to admire them through the season. I’ve put them in the tree, strung a string across the wall and use clothespins, used a photo board to clip them to. I stumbled upon this idea when I was looking to make the holiday decorations “pop” better at home. I had extra ribbon from the previous Christmas and was going to wrap the kitchen cupboard with wrapping paper and ribbon. After I started, I realized that a simpler idea would be to use ribbon only and to turn the decoration into my newest cardholder idea! I purchased decorative clothes pins (I chose green to contrast with the red and white ribbon) to attach each card to the ribbon.

The ribbon idea beat out all the other options that I had used in the past, hands down. And even better, it was so simple! I save the ribbon each year for future holidays. I remove the tape, roll the strips together and store them away with the clothes pins.

Here is how to make your new, fun, simple and festive holiday cardholder:


1. Use wide-wired ribbon. 2-3 inch wide works best.

2. Cut the ribbon into pieces a little longer than your cupboard doors. You can also cut the ribbon to wrap all the way around so that you don’t ruin the cupboard’s finish in the next step. 

3. Tape the ribbon to the inside of the door. Or, if you wrapped the ribbon all the way around, stable the ribbon to itself, not the cupboard door.

4. Use clothes pins to attach cards to the ribbon. 

Enjoy your festive kitchen!