Bay Area Ridge Trail
Distance: 375 miles
Difficulty: Easy to Difficult
Stroller Friendly: Depends of the location. Check the Bay Area Ridge Trail website first for specific trail details.
Suggested Ages: All
Cool Fact: The first trail segment was dedicated in 1989.

Mount Wanda – Martinez
Located across Highway 4 from the John Muir House and on Alhambra Avenue.
Distance: 2.4 mile loop
Difficulty: Moderate
Stroller Friendly: Yes with a jogging stroller
Suggested Ages: 8 & up. For kids under 8, plan to stop and rest frequently or to take it slow.  
Cool Historical Fact: John Muir and his children used to hike in the hills of Martinez near their home. Mount Wanda was named after one of John’s daughters, Wanda!