Daycare and Preschool Prepping

One step that is often overlooked when transitioning childcare, is preparing your own child, the participant! When you plan to enroll your child in any form of care, it is crucial for everyone’s success (and sanity) to prepare ahead of time. As a daycare provider, past nanny, previous camp counselor, and current mom, I see … Read more

Earth Day Made Simple

Earth Day is one of my favorite days of the year, maybe because now as a mom I get to share the love of our planet together with my child!  We love to read books about earth and the solar system. As a family, we enjoy hikes, camping, swimming, skiing, and being in nature period. … Read more

Think Outside the Box Self Care

All for good reasons, I talk a lot about self care! Why? We need it in big chunks and little bites. A self care act is never too big nor too small. Think outside of the box to keep things interesting. If you do the same thing over and over, things will get boing and … Read more

Summer Bucket List 2021

Check out this fun, “transitional” from shelter in place to celebrating less COVID regulations, summer bucket list! I hope that for the summer of 2021 things will be back more to “normal” and can include more things like camping, social activities and travel. Borrow this list or use it as inspiration to make your very … Read more

Parks and Playgrounds: Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek

Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek has so many cool features. Kids and parents alike can spend hours exploring here.    The park is located near the public swimming pool, tennis courts, dog park and pond. There are several picnic tables available to use and a large grassy area adjacent to the play structures.    … Read more