Think Outside the Box Self Care

All for good reasons, I talk a lot about self care! Why? We need it in big chunks and little bites. A self care act is never too big nor too small. Think outside of the box to keep things interesting. If you do the same thing over and over, things will get boing and … Read more

Running a Business and a Household: Entrepreneur Moms Need Self-Care

Guest article written by Cheryl Conklin These days, more moms than ever are starting their own business so they can have it all. There are so many wonderful things about running a business, but it also comes with a ton of challenges, especially for parents. Here at Contra Costa Super Moms, we understand just how … Read more

Self Care to Mix it up

Sometimes you just need to mix it up and change your routine. Not a runner? Try a quick run. Maybe not a marathon, and not a whole mile either. Possibly a quick jog mixed in a walk and you might find a new hobby! I personally love mixing it up to unplug from technology. Technology … Read more