Best Kid Food Prep Tool Ever: Scissors

Proper bite size foods are so important for child safety. Choking is a common cause of child suffocation. Use scissors to cut foods to the appropriate size for infants and toddlers. I keep a pair in the kitchen just for cutting food. Cutting and chopping takes time and is tedious at times. This is a … Read more

Spring Bucket List

Spring is such a great season! Fresh air, showers, flowers blooming, birds chirping, it all feels like a fresh start!  Here is a spring bucket list that keeps safety precautions in mind. Do what you are comfortable with and add to the list too. There are no rules to our bucket lists. Feed ducks Visit … Read more

Healthy Halloween Snacks

🎃Simple🎃Healthy🎃Tasty🎃Festive🎃 👻These Halloween snacks are super easy to make and your kids will love them! For toddlers, cut the grapes into half or quarter and when ready to eat, cut the cutie slices in half. 👻SHOPPING LIST Cantaloupe Grapes Blackberries Cuties Celery Kabob sticks 👻If you can’t find green grapes or cantaloupe, swap them out … Read more